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#MADEINBiH: How Milka Arkula's childhood dream was turned into a tailoring craft

To survive in the world of entrepreneurship, you need to improve your knowledge and skills every day, and thanks to the Entrepreneurship Support Program implemented by the Local Employment Partnership Petrovac within the EU4BusinessRecovery project, many entrepreneurs have been given this opportunity.

Successful stories

The European Union supported the establishment of the Alumni network of entrepreneurs in Sarajevo

The establishment of this network of entrepreneurs is organized within the framework of the EU4BusinessRecovery project and aims to create new opportunities for networking of all entrepreneurs, to exchange their knowledge and experience in order to improve the entrepreneurial eco-system in Sarajevo Canton and beyond.

Successful stories

#MadeinBiH: Kenan Hasagić gives old cars a new chance

Kenan has been collecting knowledge and competences in the field in which he ventures for years, while on the other hand he lacked a lot of information and skills in running and managing a business. Kenan came to them by participating in the Entrepreneurship Support Program, financed by the European Union, and implemented by the International Labour Organization within the EU4BusinessRecovery project.

Successful stories

#Made in BiH: Amela Ganić Revives Traditional Cooking at Šerpica*

Discover the delightful taste of traditional dishes at Šerpica, a charming new traditional food restaurant in Visoko, brought to life by the passionate entrepreneur Amela Ganić. During her entrepreneurial journey, Amela initially envisioned naming her asčinica "Rose" in honor of her love for roses and the color red. However, with valuable input from her mentor and fellow participants during the training, she realized that "Rose" might not be the most suitable name for her venture. Determined to find the perfect name, she brainstormed various ideas, considering all the kitchen utensils, until the word "Sherpa" caught her attention.

Successful stories


In the initial encounter with Ajla Dedić, the mastermind behind the brand MOON - Touch the Moonlight, her unwavering commitment to precision becomes evident, a quality that has been ingrained in her from the very beginning. Meticulously selecting harmonious blends and crafting exquisite garments for momentous occasions, Ajla's discerning eye sets her apart. Empowered by the EU4BusinessRecovery initiative and aided by the Local Employment Partnership Visoko, she embarks on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, determined to transform her vision into reality.

Successful stories

EU4BusinessRecovery: Conita from Tešanj creates jobs and improves business management model

“In Europe, they use different socks for different seasons and they all have an expiration date,” have been the words serving as our introduction to Conita d.o.o., an Ltd. from Tešanj, one of the textile, apparel, footwear and leather enterprises supported by the project EU4BusinessRecovery, co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Germany and jointly implemented by GIZ, ILO and UNDP.

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Over 900 jobs created, and 1.000 businesses supported thanks to EU4Business project

Despite economic uncertainty 930 jobs were created, more than 120 start-ups established and 1.000 businesses supported in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany joint funding in the amount of EUR 16.1 million. Initiated in April 2018, a four-year project, on “Local Development Strategies – Programme for Local Self Government and Economic Development” with a co-funded project called EU4Business aimed to drive greater employment and long-term economic growth by raising competitiveness and generating innovation in agriculture, tourism, and export-oriented sectors while fostering entrepreneurship.

Successful stories

EU4Business: Shifting towards green and sustainable tourism

Recognizing the demand for green tourism, sustainability and shifting travelers’ trends towards eco-friendly tourism, three municipalities in western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mrkonjic Grad, Ribnik and Šipovo together with its partners started reimagining tourism development in upper Sana and Pliva river valleys. United around the same vision and interest to protect untouched nature they aimed to position this area as a green destination focusing on eco and outdoor tourism. Prior to the pandemic Mrkonjic Grad, as a lead applicant, was awarded the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany investment grant paving the path towards a new chapter in green destination tourism development in the country.