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For a resilient local economy
Successful stories

Over 900 jobs created, and 1.000 businesses supported thanks to EU4Business project

Despite economic uncertainty 930 jobs were created, more than 120 start-ups established and 1.000 businesses supported in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany joint funding in the amount of EUR 16.1 million. Initiated in April 2018, a four-year project, on “Local Development Strategies – Programme for Local Self Government and Economic Development” with a co-funded project called EU4Business aimed to drive greater employment and long-term economic growth by raising competitiveness and generating innovation in agriculture, tourism, and export-oriented sectors while fostering entrepreneurship.

Successful stories

EU4Business: Shifting towards green and sustainable tourism

Recognizing the demand for green tourism, sustainability and shifting travelers’ trends towards eco-friendly tourism, three municipalities in western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mrkonjic Grad, Ribnik and Šipovo together with its partners started reimagining tourism development in upper Sana and Pliva river valleys. United around the same vision and interest to protect untouched nature they aimed to position this area as a green destination focusing on eco and outdoor tourism. Prior to the pandemic Mrkonjic Grad, as a lead applicant, was awarded the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany investment grant paving the path towards a new chapter in green destination tourism development in the country.

Successful stories

EU4Business: Bringing alive cultural and natural heritage into new tourism era

The immense cultural and historical heritage intertwined with pristine natural beauty of its forests, rivers, and mountains represents a great potential for tourism development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the country’s tourism industry experienced significant growth prior to the pandemic, a lack of a strategic approach along with the poor quality of tourism infrastructure, products, and services, significantly hinders future growth and competitiveness of the overall sector.

Successful stories

Reaching European market with a land a hand from EU4Business project

Travnik-based Poljorad company is a recognisable brand on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, producing various dairy spreads and delicious cheeses for more than two decades. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of its buyers, this company continuously invests in improving its production quality according to European standards.

Successful stories

EU4Business: Home is the place to be, European Union supports farmers in Posavina

The Leovac family from Domaljevac makes a living from working in the fields. In this family, the love for growing cereals and dedication to work is passed down for generations. Thanks to the help of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Leovac family in 2020 managed to sow wheat and thus ensure livelihood.