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Agri-food sector and rural development

Agri-food sector and rural development

UNDP is responsible for the implementation of the project activities related to agriculture, food production and rural development. 

Total of EUR 3 million was allocated for grants intended to support commercial agricultural holdings, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food industry, and local communities and socio-economic stakeholders for rural development.

The project will also actively support the improvement of the business environment by providing technical assistance to relevant authorities in the country in the design, management and monitoring of financial incentives meant to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and improve cross-sectoral cooperation. Also, the project will stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives, including the development of local digital entrepreneurship.

In addition, the project intends to support the modernization of large agri-food industry value chains, targeting commercial agri-food operations through systematic and integrated measures alongside the supply chain: production, collection, processing, marketing, and sales. In addition, the project plans to enhance diversification of rural economic activities with a focus on small-scale farmers who dominate rural Bosnia and Herzegovina, by strengthening their competitiveness, supporting upscaling of their holdings, on-farm processing, promotion of short value chains and off-farm activities, such as crafts and services in forestry and agriculture.

One of the main tools to deliver project assistance is the Grant Fund Facility (GFF), which will serve as the project financing mechanism to effectively support beneficiaries and achieve the set targets.

Based on the criteria of two public calls published in 2019, 2o agricultural producers were selected whose projects, with total value of EUR 4.4 million, were co-financed with EUR 2.1 million grants.

In May 2020, EU4Business published public call for potential grant beneficiaries to alleviate negative effects of COVID-19 on the agri-food sector and 15 applications fulfilled the criteria.

Grants were awarded to following beneficiaries:

  1. Agro Mašić d.o.o., Gradačac;
  2. Agro Živanović d.o.o., Bijeljina;
  3. Agro Stef d.o.o., Han Pijesak;
  4. Andrić-Farm d.o.o., Pelagićevo;
  5. Braća Pavlović d.o.o., Šamac;
  6. Farma Arsenić d.o.o., Kozarska Dubica;
  7. Farma Brojler Produkt d.o.o., Prnjavor;
  8. Farma Podhum d.o.o. , Livno;
  9. Farma Škundrić s.p., Prijedor;
  10. SANEL poljoprivredni obrt, Odžak;
  11. Eko Sir Puđa d.o.o., Golinjevo/Miši;
  12. Farmavit d.o.o., Ljubinje;
  13. MI TRIVAS d.o.o., Vijaka;
  14. Mljekara Smajić d.o.o., Ratkovići;
  15. Očuz obrt, Uvorići;
  16. Pašalić obrt, Dolipolje;
  17. Podrumi Vukoje 1982 d.o.o., Hrupjela;
  18. Poljorad d.o.o., Turbe-Travnik;
  19. Vimar grupe d.o.o., Arnautovići; i
  20. Vinarija Jungić d.o.o.
  21. CONTE-CO d.o.o., Rogatica;
  22. Mliječna industrija 99, Gradačac;
  23. Šumski plod d.o.o., Prozor Rama;
  24. Mlin-Ko Kopačević d.o.o., Odžak;
  25. TZR AGROS, Srebrenica;
  26. PZ Poljopodrašnica, Mrkonjić Grad;
  27. Irass d.o.o., Orašje;
  28. FRUTTI FUNGHI d.o.o., Visoko;
  29. Oranica d.o.o., Domaljevac;
  30. Ekomed MK d.o.o., Šamac;
  31. Zemljoradnička zadruga GRAČANKA, Gračanica;
  32. Starnet d.o.o., Bugojno;
  33. Božić d.o.o., Brčko;
  34. Agro Kukuruzović, Gradačac;
  35. Sines d.o.o., Brčko.

More information on supported investments can be found on the Interactive map of grant-funded projects. 

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