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The importance of children's playgrounds safety

The importance of children's playgrounds safety

To promote the importance of testing and maintenance of children's playgrounds, the "Conference on the safety of children's playgrounds" presented a platform that provides its users with the possibility of organized monitoring, maintenance, reconstruction and planned construction of children's playgrounds. The platform is the result of a project funded by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, which also introduced new production processes and digitalization of business processes in the company Glovis d.o.o. resulting in improved productivity and competitiveness of this company.

"Applying for projects provided by the European Union in our country, such as EU4Business, greatly contributes to the development of the local economy and smaller enterprises. This successfully implemented project managed to unite all segments of our business in our company and made the production process complete with the introduction of digital innovations, but also technical solutions such as metal coating line, which is very important, not only for achieving top quality of our products but as a service offered by our company as well. The platform for digitalization of children's playgrounds, which is one of the project activities, will help those interested to gain insight into the condition and location of children's playgrounds in B&H, with a tendency to expand to countries in the region", said Naida Baručija, Glovis project manager


The conference focused on the design and construction of safe playgrounds, the safety management system for children's playgrounds in cities, and product safety testing according to current standards by the accredited laboratory LIND, which operates within the ZEDA Agency.

The participants had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the testing process of playground equipment by employees of the LIND laboratory, and to get acquainted with the most common discrepancies between playground equipment and the area required for the equipment.

The director of the ZEDA Agency, Senad Pašalić, outlined the importance of the realization of such events and the promotion of product safety, with an emphasis on equipment for children's playgrounds and the areas needed for the equipment.

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