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EU Ambassador Johann Sattler visited VIMAR in Visoko

The Head of the Delegation of the European Union and the Special Representative of the European Union in BiH, Johann Sattler, visited Vimar Groupe d.o.o. in Visoko.

Namely, the meat industry Vimar has been processing meat for over 30 years. In 2020, with the support of the European Union, Vimar built new production plants and bought new modern machines for processing meat products, which will ultimately enable them to place their products on the European Union market in the future. In addition, the company Vimar through this investment records a significant increase in production and job creation.

EU Ambassador Sattler, together with representatives of Vimar, first visited the old traditional plants, from which Vimar's success stories started. Immediately afterward, the visit continued through the new modern facilities of this company.

"Through the EU4AGRI and EU4BUSINESS projects, we support bh. businesses to come out of the pandemic strong and ready to do business. Vimar is a great example of a once small company that with the support of the European Union has grown into a large company, which should soon start exporting to the European Union market, "said the head of the European Union Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH Johann Sattler.

"It is especially important to point out that just yesterday the decision of the Commission of the Veterinary Office of BiH arrived, which gave the recommendation to allow Vimar to export poultry meat products and cut poultry meat to the European Union market. Vimar has expanded its production capacities precisely through a joint investment with the EU4BUSINESS project of the European Union, "said Ehlimana Ajdin, Director of Vimar.

Vimar is one of the beneficiaries of grants from the EU4BUSINESS and EU4AGRI projects funded by the European Union for the development of the private sector in BiH, the creation of new and retention of existing jobs and recovery from the crisis caused by COVID-19 in BiH. Through EU4BUSINESS, the EU enables companies, farmers and entrepreneurs to use their potentials and achieve better competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, through financial and technical assistance. Under EU4AGRI, the EU supports strengthening the competitiveness of agriculture and rural development in BiH. The EU has allocated a total of 35m euros in grants for both projects. 

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