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Design Boldnest Turned Into Entrepreneurial Courage

Design Boldnest Turned Into Entrepreneurial Courage

Although a graduate engineer of architecture, Jovana Romčević Šukalo has never worked in places where this title was formally sought. “At first it seemed like a professional failure, but it soon became a privilege. I had the freedom to explore what fulfills me and shape my potential. I found myself in the roles of set designer, graphic designer, brand strategy designer, user experience and interface designer. For 6 years I have touched various spheres of the creative industry. However, the Bauhaus philosophy, its minimalism and Mondrianism, whose principles I have followed since my early student days, have always been at the center of my interests. ” – points out Jovana.

The Bauhaus school, which operated in Germany in the early 20th century, combined fine arts and crafts. It promoted the permeation of aesthetics and functionality in objects of wide use. Architects, designers, set designers and other artists grew up under the auspices of this school, leaving an indelible influence that is still felt in all spheres of design.

Jovana spent most of her professional engagement in the IT industry. “This has shaped my specialty. Today, I work as a designer of digital products, such as web and mobile applications, websites and branding strategies. I am a fan of theater, so I often work on projects of stage design, stage architecture and scenography.”

Lifestyle or Business

You carry creative inclinations with you from birth. Most people have enough hobbies or occasional activities in this field. For Jovana, expressing creative ideas, coming to a solution differently is a need and an everyday aspiration. He says that beauty is not a luxury, but hides in everything around us. It just needs to be discovered.

“After many years of experience in freelance waters, corporate environment, short-term collaborations or part-time jobs, I realized that I nurture a specific work process and professional ethics that I want to develop and raise to a higher level. Then my dear colleague and friend told me that as soon as I think about it, it is the right time to start my own business “, adds Jovana..

One step after another followed, one of which was training within the EU4Business project. “Desire and happiness alone are not enough to start and develop a business idea. In addition to professional expertise, knowledge and experience, it is very important to be familiar with legal regulations, know the market, have honed negotiating skills, be able to present yourself and advertise. We touched on these topics during the training and thus created a more comprehensive picture of what follows. Grant funds helped me procure quality equipment and raised the quality of work. ”

Jovana eventually dared to start MAM Design Studio (My Art Momentum), a boutique studio that deals with brand strategies and websites, digital product design and stage design. Their team currently consists of an architect, set designer, web developer and web designer.

“For us, success is not only measured by material gains, but also by job satisfaction and customer loyalty. Previous ethics and professionalism have connected us with local and foreign clients. For us, no project is the same. We dedicate ourselves to everyone with the same attention and goal – To grow together! “- Jovana proudly points out.

Jovana Romčević Šukalo’s business idea was financially and professionally supported through the project “Support for starting STARTUP in the field of IT” which is being implemented within the EU4Business project – for a competitive and innovative domestic economy. To strengthen the BiH economy, EU4Business encourages the development of entrepreneurship, export-oriented sectors, tourism and agriculture, as well as rural development. It is worth 16.1 million euros and is jointly funded by the European Union (15 million euros) and the Federal Republic of Germany (1.1 million euros). The project is being implemented jointly by GIZ, ILO and UNDP, from April 2018 to March 2022.

The project “Support for starting STARTUP in the field of IT” is implemented by the Local Partnership Banja Luka consisting of the City Development Agency Banja Luka, City of Banja Luka, Innovation Center Banja Luka – ICBL, Employment Service of RS – Banja Luka Branch, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, companies “Blok projekt” doo, “Ad Lab” sp, “Media Lab” doo, Telegroup doo from Banja Luka and the associations “Bit Alliance” and “Club of Business Women of Republika Srpska”.

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